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Home Books Gaudi Bruno – The Story of a Cuddly Brown Bear

Gaudi Bruno

Kids of all ages are fascinated by stories. Storytelling improves their listening skills and introduces them to new vocabulary. It helps them visualize scenes, characters, actions and emotions. It stimulates deep thinking and basic literacy, apart from enhancing and enriching their learning experience. Characters that are portrayed in a realistic manner always win a place in children’s heart. “Gaudi Bruno” is a fast-paced, exciting and interactive storybook. This story has incredible educational value and teaches kids that friends come in all shapes and sizes.

Gaudi Bruno
Bruno, a little brown bear cub, lives in the beautiful Abruzzo National Park in Italy with his family, surrounded by wildlife and beauty. It is exciting to hear about Bruno’s school days and about the things he does. Right from the first day of school, Bruno learns how to make friends and understands their good values.

Special Features:

* Available in English, Spanish and Italian

* Over 100 animation effects

* Over 50 sounds that play throughout the storybook

* Soundtrack featuring four original tunes

Gaudi Bruno

Gaudi Bruno” has a good color scheme that will attract kids. The navigation structure is very simple and kids can use the app without any difficulty. The background screen of the app is very natural and colorful and the animation effects are notable. The buttons are perfect for little fingers. The interactive games on each page are sure to keep kids engaged. The app has got a well-organized menu. Gaudi Bruno has excellent graphics and pleasant background music. I noticed that the text could be in a darker color and larger fonts could be used.

Gaudi Bruno” is a tale suitable for children aged 3 to 7.

Price: $2.99

Rating: 4.5/5

Download from iTunes

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