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Home Business Home On App – Your Digital Home Away from Home

“Home On” is a property application that does a fantastic job of helping users find the home they’ve been dreaming of without having to do it the traditional way by paging through the newspaper or resort to outdated methods of finding a new home. The app also enables users to locate particular service providers. What’s handy is the app runs on multiple platforms for Android and iPhone, offering the exact same benefits irrespective of the operating system being used.


The app was designed with a minimalist interface which doesn’t clutter your vision and allows you view everything you would need to know without irritating the user. The user can also customize the notifications they receive.

If you were looking to purchase a new home for example, you would search in the “Home On App” tab where you may view the most recent property listings. There is also an option to search through an advanced filter in “Search Properties” allowing a more personalized search. It is here you can select whether you’re in need of a commercial establishment, an apartment, residential home, detached or semi-detached house or if you want to simply let a property. You could also add an even more precise section by altering the price range you’re interested in based on what you can afford, how many bathrooms and bedrooms you require and if you’d like you can select a resold or brand new property.

When you select an option, you’re able to view all of the details of the property and images of the property as well. A fantastic function of the app is that you can mark off your favorites and then conveniently share them on social media platforms like Facebook or you can share them via direct messages on your phone.

The simplicity of this app is what makes it. Many other apps of its kind overcomplicate the design and how one interacts with the app. This app covers all services offered within the home and also offers a function that monitors the best prices available every hour. For example, it allows you to view and contact particular service provider’s such as plumbers, electricians and construction experts who are able to work on the property.


The Home On app is a fantastic tool for everyday home seekers aiming to explore what’s on the market in a smart, efficient and fun way. If you are on a search for a new home or are just after particular service for your home, then this app is simply a must. There are no unnecessary tricks or surprises in this app. It does what its intended to, and does it really well at that!

Price: Free

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