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The Perfect App For Reading to Your Kids and Helping Them Learn to Read
Kids Spies Adventures Story App
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Finally there's a new way to teach kids words in a more captivating way. You see, children tend to learn...
The Alice App Story Book
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Humanity values its cultures. This means that we love our stories, art and literature. One of the most universally renowned...
Sherlock Holmes Stories
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Are you a die-hard fan of Sherlock Holmes detective stories? You can now enjoy reading a digital version which comes...
iPad Travel App
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Looking for exciting information about world's great cities? Momondo Places is a travel app designed to meet the needs of...
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StoriesAlive is an app for tablets whose main concept is to provide the largest and most interesting collecting of various...
Seasons And I
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Every child loves to read or listen to stories. In this electronic age where...
Gaudi Bruno
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Kids of all ages are fascinated by stories. Storytelling improves their listening skills and introduces them...