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Bringing Your DragonVale Game Up to Par with DragonCalc plus

DragonVale Game for iPad

Whoever said that fairies, unicorns, dungeon monsters and dragons don’t exist must have had a very dry childhood. At any rate, of all the mystical creatures that are lurking around the different depths of the Earth, dragons have always been the top and fanciest choice of many. Why is that so? There are many reasons [...]

My Voice Recorder: Great Recording App for Your Apple Device


Voice recording is currently a common feature found on mobile phones today. Using apps makes the recording process easier while introducing more enhanced functionality. One of the voice recorder iOS app options you can get is My Voice Recorder. App Overview: Developed by Milad Fakhr, My Voice Recorder currently gains popularity in iTunes because of [...]

Tomato Tycoon App Review: Why This App Is Becoming Popular Among iOS Users

Running Arcade Game for iPad

If you were told that there was a way you could play with tomatoes using your phone, would you agree? Well, it sounds strange enough, but believe it or not, this time round, they are bold enough to bring you Tomato Tycoon, an arcade game that runs through 4 challenging mini games and a whooping [...]

Constant Therapy: Notable App for People with Cognitive, Learning and Communication Disorders

Cognitive Therapy App

Technology is present in various aspects of people’s daily lives. Numerous experts incorporated technology in conducting therapy sessions for different patients. Nowadays, therapy techniques are incorporated in mobile applications. One of these is iTherapy from Constant Therapy, an iPad app everyone can use right at the palm of users’ hands. App Overview: This iPad app [...]

Conojo Whiteboard iPad Drawing App – The Best iOS Drawing App We’ve Seen So Far!

iPad Drawing App

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that saying has been made a reality by Conojo, an iPad app that takes visuals and creativity to the next level. With this app, you can easily create and share amazing diagrams between friends. It’s one of a kind drawing app that lets you speak [...]

Pillman: the loops of fire – Eliminate Viruses the Fun Way

Virus Eliminator for Free

A lot of individuals became very excited when mobile apps started to gain popularity. More developers came up with latest apps, particularly games that everyone can enjoy. Pillman the loops of fire is one of the iPad app choices that you can obtain for your device. App Overview: Pillman follows the story of a heroic [...]

Avatari: Why Every Child Will Love This Animation Game

Story of Narasimha and Hiranyakashipu

Finally, there’s a fun and addictive game that knows how to speak into your child’s mind. The Avatari is an iOS app that actually tells a story as your child progresses in each different level. If you want to keep your child busy on the phone, then this amazing app for children that only costs [...]