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Your Curiosity Answered with We Surveyed 101 People

iPad Survey App

Curiosity is a good thing. At least in my opinion, that is true. Well, come to think of it: Curiosity leads to many discovers. As a matter of fact, most of the best discoveries and shattering truths were products of the previous decades’ renowned scientists. To cut long story short, be curious! If you want [...]

Run Your Way to Fun-filled Success with Stick Run Mobile for the iPad!

Fun Filled Game-Stick Run Mobile

Has it ever occurred to you? To feel like being chased by something you don’t know even know or doesn’t even exist? Whether you have or not, either way, it’s fun to run, and Stick Run Mobile proves that to be nothing but right! The Inception of Stick Run Mobile: Who says you can’t make [...]

Impressive eMail Design: High Impact eMail PRO App Review

High Impact eMail PRO-Create eMails by Your Own Images

The days of boring email design are thrown out the window with this cleaver development. High Impact eMail PRO by KMT Software Inc. will put you in a position to impress clients, family, and friends with your impressive email design. At only $4.99, you will be exposed to endless design templates to be created right [...]

Take Your Video To The Big Screen: Air Camera + Live Streaming For Camera and Voice

Air Camera for Apple TV

As with many iPhone, iPad, and or iPod users, it’s becoming more common to utilize the mobile devices for the purpose of taking pictures and uploading them on the go or to different social or other electronic devices. In the past, it may have been a challenge to then transfer such images to a larger [...]

Seasons and I – An Interactive Storybook that Teaches Kids About Seasons

Seasons And I

Every child loves to read or listen to stories. In this electronic age where books can be downloaded onto your smart device, you can easily find plenty of storybook apps for kids on the App Store. With abundant creative graphics and interactive learning games, storybook apps offer both learning and entertainment. If you have a [...]

MyStoryTime – Watch as You Become the Hero!


Anyone who had read a story book would know that you couldn’t complete a story without dreaming yourself to be a part of it. However, the times of dreaming are over and with the new iPad app MyStoryTime, you can actually visualize yourself in a story. This could really excite the kids when reading a [...]

Count Dracu and Friends – Watch Your Child Learn About Diversity

Count Dracu and Friends

Parents, as your little one grows older, they will become exposed to so many different things and people from all walks of life. If you are not afraid of helping your child discover the differences in a fun way, you will love this app. For a mere $0.99, Count Dracu and Friends by Denny Kurien [...]