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Interactive Alice In Wonderland App: The Alice App

The Alice App Story Book

Humanity values its cultures. This means that we love our stories, art and literature. One of the most universally renowned stories is ‘Alice In Wonderland’. Children from all over the world can readily recognize this story. While in the past, there were pop-up books and regular story books to take us through this enchanting adventure, [...]

A Review of the Ainigma app for iOS – Puzzle based on Logic and Arts!

iPad Physics Based Puzzle Games

Belonging to the puzzle games category, Ainigma can be easily described as a fun and highly challenging app for iOS. Your ultimate purpose in the game is to complete a puzzle composed of different pieces. This can be easily done by moving the available blocks around and avoiding the grey squares, which remain fixed for [...]

Shuffler Game – A Mentally Stimulating Tile Swapping Puzzle

iPad Shuffle Puzzle Games

Are you looking for a real challenge to tease your brain? Here is an app named Shuffler Game which comes with a set of picture puzzles to boggle your mind. These colorful puzzles have varying levels of difficulty and diverse modes, and are sure to keep you and your kids racking your brains for a [...]

Poo Poo Monkey for iPad – The Cheeky and Addictive Game Review!

Monkey Games for iPad

Poo Poo Monkey is a colorful, yet fun game launched in December 2013 by John Smythe for the gamer lovers. Though the game seems quite childish, but it can’t be taken light-heartedly because after playing the game people will surely get hooked up with the challenges they will encounter in each level of the game. [...]

The notable warrior – Arjuna: An Illustrated Presentation of an Indian Epic Hero

iPad Apps for Warrior Prince Arjuna

Are you intrigued by the tales of ancient India? An app named The notable warrior – Arjuna has vedic fables that shed light on Indian culture, and values which have been passed down to successive generations. This app introduces you to the major plots of the epic Mahabharata with special focus on the character Arjuna. [...]

SHERLOCK: Interactive Adventure – An App that Breathes New life into Tales of Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes Stories

Are you a die-hard fan of Sherlock Holmes detective stories? You can now enjoy reading a digital version which comes with exciting 3D animation. SHERLOCK: Interactive Adventure is a book app which has brought new life to classic Sherlock Holmes stories with an interactive style of narration and professional voice acting. This app is a [...]

Make Your Match-Watching Experience Interactive and Social with FanKave

Free March Madness App for iPad

Do you miss the times when you used to sit on the couch with your buddies and enjoy your favorite sports events? Wouldn’t it be great to relive those days? With an app named FanKave you can virtually bring your pals to your room, and have an interactive, action-packed match viewing experience. FanKave connects you [...]