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iMailG HD: Works For Today’s Gmail Needs On the iPad

iMailG HD - An app for iPad

Many Apple iPad users have problems with trying to make Gmail work. However, the iMailG HD application is here to make it much easier for all to use. It also makes Gmail more functional for use on the iPad. ImailG HD works with the Google mail system to get a user to reach quick access [...]

The US Economy Tracker for iPad – Keeping Up with the Economic Flow

Economy Tracker App iPad

The United States of America represents the biggest and most important economic force in the entire world. In the 21st century, this is as true as it was during the previous 70 years, which makes the US the definite trend setter when it comes to the flow of goods, services and most importantly, money. Important [...]

Spiritual Bliss Magazine: A Rich Guide To Inner Satisfaction

Spiritual Bliss Magazine for iPad

Spiritual Bliss Magazine is a new type of electronic-based guide dedicated specifically to those who achieve inner satisfaction. The magazine touches a variety of topics such as the way to achieving self-love, affirmations that can lead to the alignment of mind and body or tricks for releasing inner chakra. All these are compelled into a [...]

Data Recovery Wizard for MAC Free – The Safest Way of Securing Against File Loss

Data Recovery Software for Mac

The loss of data can truly become a nightmare for any user. Accidents and bad decisions often lead to important files being deleted, and this is a scenario many of us dread. Those less fortunate have already experienced this after a computer malfunction or something similar. Luckily, there is a software product that can exterminate [...]

WebDrive: The iPad App Designed to Make Cloud Sharing a Breeze

File Transfer Productivity Apps

WebDrive is present in the web sharing niche for a while now, facilitating users’ access to a variety of cloud-based platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and so on. However, it’s only recently that the app made its way to the App Store, hence enabling iPhone and iPad users to rejoice from the [...]

TurtleDuck App Review – A Thrilling Arcade Platform App

iPad Turtle Duck Games

In the market of arcade games for mobile devices, a combination of rewarding gameplay and interesting graphics is certain to be a big success. TurtleDuck is just this kind of game, and it delivers a very rich gaming experience, especially when it falls into the hands of the younger users. This app was developed for [...]

Super-Spies Adventures Review: The Best Story-Telling App That Lets Kids Expand Their Vocabulary Of Words

Kids Spies Adventures Story App

Finally there’s a new way to teach kids words in a more captivating way. You see, children tend to learn quickly when stories are accompanied by great pictures, especially pictures in motion. They hear, then see and digest the information. When this happens over time, they learn and accumulate a huge vocabulary of words in [...]