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Avatari: Why Every Child Will Love This Animation Game

Story of Narasimha and Hiranyakashipu

Finally, there’s a fun and addictive game that knows how to speak into your child’s mind. The Avatari is an iOS app that actually tells a story as your child progresses in each different level. If you want to keep your child busy on the phone, then this amazing app for children that only costs [...]

MotorMouth Review: Share Your Feelings And Experience With This Brilliant iPad App

Voice Tracking App for iPad

Smartphones are a must have gadget for everyone today. Traveling, shopping, dinning as well as social sharing of product reviews has just got better. But what if there was a way to express your emotions through the power of voice, using an app? Fortunately, this is now a reality through the help of MotorMouth.   [...]

SiOutlook – Manage Your E-MAILS in Modern User Interface!

SiOutlook iPad app

SiOutlook is an amazing app for your iPad and iPhone which you can use to download emails, keep them organized in folders, save attachments in a modern user interface from where you can search files, create photos, videos and audios and send them to your friends with absolute ease.   Why should you opt for [...]

Hangman2020 Free- Guess the Secret Word and Prevent the Stick Man from the Fatal Noose

Word Game for iPad

Way back in the 90′s, life used to be very simple. In everything we wanted to do, there was always a way even without the help of the technological advancements we see in this modern era. When we wanted to kill the boredom during recess time at school, what we do is play this tricky [...]

The Matching Pairs Game 2: Amusing Game for All!

Free Matching Puzzles

There are so many gaming applications for mobile devices and it’s hard to choose the right one for you. That is why we make our review to The Matching Pairs Game 2, in an attempt to make your choice easier. The Matching Pairs Game 2 is an application game for Apple iPad devices. It is [...]

Get Your Brain Tick With The Amazing Numfeud Game App!

Number Sudoku for iPad

What is Numfeud? Numfeud is an amazing new iOS game that guarantees fun, challenge and excitement to anyone who plays it. It is a simple turn based game in which you have to lay down all your tiles in the right combination before your opponent succeeds in doing so. To lay down the right combination, [...]

Pixel Gun 3D – Make Up Your Mind about the Gun and Polish Up Your Killing Skills!

Zombies Games

With the rampant innovation and advancements in today’s tablet computers, anyone can just go online and access different social networking sites, watch videos, use valuable apps, and play astounding games. The iPad, in particular, is a remarkable product that is designed and marketed by Apple Inc. that enables users to make the most out of [...]