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We have seen many physics puzzlers, where you have to build structures with the given objects. But ‘Imperfect Balance HD’ By ttursas Ltd, is just the vice versa. If you are bored building then you can try your hands at blowing them up.

As I have only played physics puzzle games, where I have to build structures, Imperfect Balance HD was quite interesting to me. But when I read the app’s description, I thought, it would be a cake walk to victory. Only after I started playing the game, I felt that blowing up is more difficult than building.

This game needs your full concentration. You have 150 levels that are divided into three games, each one has a unique environment. There are different structures in each level, which you have to blow up using the objects given to you. Each object has different properties, for example: you have fire to destroy wooden object and bombs to destroy big structures, and many more.

In each level you can win in multiple ways, but the more simpler you win, the more points you get. I got addicted to it, not only because of the objective of the game, but with High Definition graphics and great background music and sound effects, it was a treat to my eyes and ears. When you destroy objects like wood and glass, the way they disappear with the particles disintegrating effect is fantastic. They graphics is great, when you see on an iPad 2. Both Games Center and OpenFeint are integrated with it, to record your high scores.

You can improve your decision making skills, with this app. Myself and my kids enjoyed this game. It is a great deal for just 99 cents. Download and enjoy Imperfect Balance HD.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 4/ 5

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