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Home Games Buddyman: Shoot & Run: A Much-Needed Twist to the Average Runner Game

There is no absence of running app games in the App Store. So much so that most of them tend to just mimic each other. Indeed, if a developer seeks to succeed in such a highly-competitive genre, then he would have to introduce something that is nothing short of revolutionary. While it’s still too early to know how popular Buddyman: Shoot and Run would become, most of its features undeniably make it a veritable contender for the top runner games at present. It even has a readily intriguing backstory. It takes place in a Toy Store where everything comes to life at night and Buddyman is the proverbial protector of the land. He is on the hunt for a renegade toy that is fueled by its quest for vengeance.

When launching the app for the first time, you will be guided in real-time on the initial parts of your first playthrough. And, similar to others of its kind (at least, in its running aspect), it’s very easy to get the hang of. Swiping left or right allows Buddyman, the basic character during the start of the game, to shift to the said directions. Tapping prompts your character to shoot obstacles that are directly ahead of him. Swiping downwards or upwards would allow your character to perform a sliding or jumping motion respectively.

A note about obstacles: some of them (like glass and toy bricks) do not cause your character to die instantly if you hit them. They only tend to slow your character down. This feature is definitely new, when it comes to running game, which is sure to delight even the most hardcore players of the genre. However, there are also solid moving ones, like trains and other vehicles, which promptly result in a game over if you fail to evade them as they careen towards you.

There are a total of 10 solid obstacles in the game that can cause a game over, at present, besides the said minor objects. There are also two types of currencies that you need to collect to purchase character upgrades. Coins could also be acquired from shooting boxes and treasure chests, besides being strewn all over the entire toy world. Magnets (as a power-up) are available as well, which help you attract all the coins in the three lanes.

Crystals, on the other hand, are the most valuable currency as there are only certain content in the game (like characters) that can only be unlocked by them or you could also use them to continue from the point where you died. The other two power-ups are Gold Rush, which gives you twice the amount of coins, and Smash Everything, which makes it possible for you to destroy even solid obstacles on impact.

The heroes that you can unlock at present total only to 7. What’s good is that developers have promised that more would be coming in the future. This certainly builds the hype that the game has already received when its preview was released. The hero you choose determines the weapon and outfit that your character would wear. Of course, upgrading each of the weapons would result in more powerful attacks that could clear obstacles in no time. Wizards, for instance, have the power to hurl bolts of lightning that reflect off the walls. As for the other heroes’ abilities, it just wouldn’t be right for us to spoil them for you, so find them out yourself! One thing’s for certain: they are really what makes this game a real contender to the likes of classics such as Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride.

Buddyman Backstory

Another equally appealing aspect of the game are the Boosters that you can purchase for your character, as said above. These permanent upgrades (having a maximum level of 5) allow you to get longer combos, acquire coin multipliers, start with extra ammo every time you begin a round, or lengthen the time that your character can have the Magnet bonus, to name a few. Take note that each playthrough requires Energy as well, and a session costs 5 energy each. Some competitive players might also be delighted to know that the game would include a PVP feature in the near future. Even so, it already has a leaderboard as well as an achievements system.

The game noticeably has a theme that is similar to the equally popular Running Fred game. However, there are apparent differences, especially in graphics as well as the in the shooting aspects of the app. This is no surprise at all since it’s developed under the Unity platform. Most of what sets Buddyman: Shoot and Run apart could be attributed to the unique concept that it has introduced when it chose to incorporate shooting in an archetypical runner game. This practically makes it a totally inimitable action runner hybrid.

Buddyman: Shoot and Run also leans more towards being a cartoony game set in a world of toys, as evidenced not only by its light-hearted character design and environments but also its sound and video effects. The graphics are in wondrous 3D. The game is also not an endless running game, as there are, as of this writing, a total of 150 missions that you can complete. All are unique and proudly manually-designed by the developers so that you can be certain that you won’t be playing two stages that are alike. It’s these factors alone that just about make the game fresh to many gamers who are already used to such a genre. This is why compared to other runner apps in the App Store, Buddyman: Shoot and Run is certainly a gem in the making.

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