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Critical Missions: SWAT

Ok gamers, get excited. This is exactly what you have been waiting for. This version of Critical Mission SWAT has worked out all the kinds and will give you a gaming experience like never before.

At $2.99 in the App Store, Critical Missions: SWAT is an amazing game for first person shooter. This game is a must play! This game affords you complete control over your combat mission. This includes the number of opponents you are prepared and willing to face, the team you will compete on, and your weapons of choice. You will appreciate the super, fast paced gaming opportunity that exist with this game.

Critical Missions: SWAT

Key features of this version include:

* 3D Shooter in first-person
* The ability to player multiple players domestically or around the world
* Superb single player mode, where you customize your competition
* Unique responsive and smooth controls in which you can customize
* Six different and fully customizable game types
* Settings you can customize to your liking
* Plenty of maps which come pre-loaded and those you can download
* Endless weapon options to include knifes, pistols, rifles (assault, sniper), shotguns, grenades and so much more.

This version of Critical Mission SWAT will take you on a combat journey preparing you to be the hero, villain, or whatever you choose to maximize your gaming experience.

Critical Missions: SWAT


* Controls are new on the game.
* The overall user interface is new and better.
* This game is customizable to the liking of the players, for example, playing in single player mode or multi player mode.
* There are several different player modes. For example, modes such as classic, zombie, and more.
* The ability to win the game comes in many different ways. For example, saving hostages, bombing, or as the villain.


* The app/game costs $2.99. Free is always a better option.
* The enemies on the game are not hard to discover.

Price: $2.99

Rating: 4/5

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