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Home Games Engage your brain with Bumble Bom Bee – The first physics matching...

Bumble Bom Bee is an app that provides a creative way of learning Physics with the help of a series of challenging tile games.

Bumble Bom Bee is the best Physics game that is based on matching puzzles. There are different game modes, hurdles, power level and enemy in every stage of the game that will keep you engaged throughout the session as well as increases your puzzle solving ability. The format of this game is somewhat familiar but it has been uniquely innovated with some amazing mechanics and graphics.

You need to help the Bom Bee to gather the delicious honey for their kingdom by solving the puzzles that keeps your mind running all the time with new challenges on every stage.

It is the world’s first tile matching game available for free. Play it right now to discover its challenging puzzles that will require all your aptitude to resolve, it also offers hours of replay value for your assistance. Unlock, match, guess, swap, score, put all your cards to solve the puzzle in this fun crazy game.


You need to help the colorful bees to gather the sweet nectar as it drops from above. Meanwhile you are collecting the nectar, there will be spiders, beetles, and bugs that will try to steal the nectar from the hive. You need to use your special moves to kill these bugs.

However, you have to complete multiple obstacles before you can actually reach the nectar, from evil spider webs to wooden blocks and a huge honeypot, do whatever you can to help the bees.


  • The unique swipe mechanics help you match in any direction you like.
  • There are 6 power-ups which includes lightning, bombs and a swarm of bees. Superpower is also available with just a tap of fingers.
  • If you stuck at any point of time, there is always a suggestion system which will help you to get back on track.
  • If there are no more possible moves, then the entire board is reshuffled.
  • After level 50, space levels begins where you can unlock the mysteries of bee kingdom and get rewarded with special gems which will help you in the battle against bosses.
  • Fully based on physics so you can never guess where the tiles may land.


  • Unlimited fun with innovative tools such as Honey Hammer and Comb Catapult to get the every single drop of nectar.
  • The scoreboard for every level makes the game much more challenging.
  • The 14 game modes that can be connected to any level enables hundreds of options.

Price: Free

Download from iTunes

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