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Field Fighter

Have you ever played the popular video game, Galaxy? However hard you try you must have observed that you cannot demolish all the space ships that approach. Here is one such iOS app named Field Fighter that is much alike Galaxy. The app is a complete fighter game that will keep you hooked for hours.

Field Fighter

Field Fighter belongs to the games category in the iTunes App Store. In the game, there is a fighter which can be controlled using your finger. It automatically fires missiles towards your enemies. What you need to do is destroy enemies using the fighter, while avoiding the missiles they drop so that you do not lose your life.

Field Fighter offers three levels of challenges – Easy, Normal and Hard. Each of these levels gives you a mission to accomplish. Control the fighter by moving your fingers to the left and right of the screen. The app tests your concentration and targeting abilities.

Field Fighter offers many power-ups to make the gameplay more interesting. The red, yellow and blue power-ups add 250, 700, 1000 points to your score. As you destroy every target a power-up is released. Catch the 3 different weapons, the Wingman, Orbiter and Drone to perform attacks using Spread Shot, Laser and Lock-on Missiles. The bomb power-up destroys all the enemies within the play area. This is the coolest feature of the app. Make sure you catch the power-ups that give you an extra life and an extra bomb. You can recover 50% of your life by catching the plus sign. The leaderboard displays the scores of all the top players of the game. The Challenges option allows you to compete with your friends online. You can also send friend requests to any of the players on the leaderboard.

Field Fighter

The sound effects and graphics in the game are really amazing. The user interface of the app is very simple. The app also provides you with options to unlock the infinity game mode and gain 10 more lives and bombs through an in-app purchase. It took me a little while to understand what each of the weapons do. The Help section in the app could have been more explanatory. I would have liked to see options to share my score on Twitter and Facebook.

The fast-paced, addictive nature of Field Fighter makes it a definite keeper. The app costs $0.99 and requires iOS 5.0 or later versions.

Price : $0.99

Rating : 4/5



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