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Home Games FingR – stay in line App Review – Addictive Maze Game

The developers behind FingR have invented the gameplay for your iPhone / iPad devices. There are similar iOS games but this one seems to have something special going for it. For such a small sized app FingR is surprisingly good with its pixelated graphics and retro style visuals.

FingR - stay in line for iPad

The ones that are not familiar with this kind of mobile games will be pleased to know that you barely need a briefing on how to play it. All that the user needs to do is to tap on the hand on their screen and keep the finger pressed. The level will start moving on its own and without removing the finger the user needs to collect all the gold coins or try to get as many as possible and collect various bonuses found in small boxes with a question mark on them.

The player will lose and have to start over if they touches the walls or reaches out of the white zone. If the finger is lifted then the game will get paused. All of this gets sprinkled with creative levels that contain obstacles, dead ends that need to be unlocked and even reversed levels.

Hardcore gamers and amateurs will find the pixelated graphics to be quite enjoyable even if they make the screen look quite unpopulated. This type of graphical design is typical for indie games as it saves production time. On a different note the minimalistic graphic design makes the app extremely small in size.

The Good:

FingR is a classic line game with a minimalistic design and an interesting approach. Here are the elements that the developer got right:

Fing - stay in line iPad Maze Game

– 80 levels that should provide about 20 or so gaming hours assuming the player will give the game another go to improve his score.

– Simple controls. It only needs one finger to be played.

– Special powers. Removing the game of the screen will pause it and bring up a menu to buy perks which include teleport and other interesting powers.

– Zero lag or freeze frames. Due to its design the game never freezes or feels sluggish. It is fluent and works on even lower end iOS phones.

– Level diversity. The level design in FingR is excellent. Even if the layout or graphic design of the levels is almost the same in each level they never feel repetitive.

The Bad:

FingR is a great game but there are a couple of things that could make it better:

– Needs more levels. The game is addictive and it needs more levels.
– Annoying ads.


FingR is a fun game or time killer that can rival with any title in its genre. It can be played with only one hand which is convenient when traveling to work or school and it can provide quite a few hours of entertainment. After finishing all the levels some might try to beat their own scores and it would be nice to see an update what will add a few more challenging stage.

Price: Free
Rating: 4/5

Download from iTunes

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