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What Is the App All About ?

Gibbets 2 By HeroCraft Ltd. is game app, in which you need to save the hanging guys.

How To Play ?

  • In Gibbets 2 you need to save the guys hanging using your bow and arrow. The longer he hangs the lower goes his health level.

  • You need to aim and shoot exactly at the rope to cut it.

  • It might sound simple isn’t it, but its not. Even if you miss it a little lower then it you kill the hanging guy.

  • I felt to aim and shoot was really difficult for me in the easy mode itself. 😉 Then think of the medium and hard levels. I was able go past the 5th level. Saving guys hanging in the top is really challenging. When I started I was not even able to save a guy in the ground.

  • The arrow doesn’t always work easily for you, some times you might hit all around the place except the rope, because I struggled like that many times. To get a three star victory was not a easy task.

What Is Cool About The App ?

  • Gibbets 2 is a very interesting and addictive.

  • The interface, background graphics and music are all great.


Where Should They Improve ?

Nothing as of now.


I enjoyed this app and I recommend it to all. An interesting game by HeroCraft Ltd. Unique challenges and unique way to handle them.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 4.5/ 5

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