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The Stink Bottom Boat Sing Along

Parents, this app is the perfect at sea adventure to take your kiddos on. They will absolutely love it and they will remain busy for the long road trips you are sure to take across the country this summer season. Say hooray for the Stink Bottom Boat app. Perfect for the iPad, Mighty Fudge Studios has out done themselves with this live and in full effect pirate inspired app. At only $1.99, it’s worth every penny to take your little gamers on the perfect cruise across the sea. 

The Stink Bottom Boat Sing Along

The graphics are rich and the colors are bold on this app. Your kiddos will indulge in the endless opportunities to demonstrate their creative side. While the game is ready to play, your little gamers will also be able to make the game their own. 

There are several activities to keep any ones attention. Watch out, you the adult, may become addicted to this pirate inspired game yourself. Let’s be clear, it’s not hard to do. You won’t be able to put the game down.

The Stink Bottom Boat Sing Along

The features this app boasts are amazing and they include:
* The ability to sing along with the pirate, the parrot, and the goat aboard the ship.
* The ability to record as you sing along with your new found friends while at sea
* If you don’t like the feel of the scenery, change it up by creating your own unique colors
* This app is a coloring book too
* Enjoy the puzzle adventure you are able to play with this app
* You will love the cartoon features as well

Nonetheless, you are sure to never get bored when playing Stink Bottom Boat. What are other gamers saying about this new app?


* This game is just perfect for my little girl.
We love the sing along feature. It’s so much fun.
The graphics are excellent. It makes the experience so much fun.


* I have not figured out how to save my colored pictures.
I would like the option to test the app for free if possible (Lite Version).

Price: $1.99

Rating: 4/5

Download from iTunes

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