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Home Health & Fitness There’s No Better Fitness Coach in App Form than Mevolife

Diet and lifestyle apps run aplenty on the App and Play stores, but not a lot of them offer well-balanced features that complement each other really well. Mevo is one such app that could proudly claim that it is an all-in-one app that would be able to guide its users in all the important aspects of their lifestyle, namely: diet, health and fitness. It doesn’t stop there, though, for it also takes initiative in letting you reach out to other users who may share the same fitness goals as you.

It does this by asking you from the outset about what your specific goal is. This way, it would be able to guide you accordingly and accurately every time. It even proposes ready guidelines for you to follow to reach your goal within a given time frame. Once you enter the main interface of the app, though, that’s only the time when you’ll realize the full potential of Mevolife.

To say that it is proactive in helping you achieve your goal could prove to be understatement, especially if you check out its suggestions when it comes to meals. Specific nutritional dishes would be recommended and their corresponding nutritional information would be displayed as well. More healthy recipes and workout plans are available when you avail its Premium version, though. Nonetheless, users get plenty of features even in the free version.

This is evidenced by the numerous icons you can check out in the app’s main menu. It has, for instance, a neat feature that lets you track your jogging or running for you. It also offers tips on how to overcome just about any common negative lifestyle factor that could prevent you from reaching your goal. There is even a health quiz that asks you questions about nutrition, fitness, and diet as a whole.

The dashboard view is also filled with pertinent information (calories, protein, carbs, fat, etc.) about your progress towards your goal. In it, you are supposed to input (through voice technology) the calories you’ve taken in every meal of the day, your water and green tea intake, and the number of steps you’ve taken, to give a specific example. Of course, this is besides the workout plans that are included in the app as well as a personalized yoga instructor and even a few Mevo workout apparels and exercise tools.

The app also gives you easy access to health communities that could motivate you more in achieving your goal. The excellence of Mevolife is highlighted by the apparent clear, concise, and systematic guidelines that it lays out for its users. From it, one can easily ascertain that the app was developed by a professional fitness coach. This is also one of its best aspects that allows it to easily topple any other competition it has in this app genre.

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