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The secret to most successful diets lie in the numbers. Whether you are following a specific diet model or simply want to track the amount of sugar, fat or sodium that you take in, strict adherence to set figures is what would ultimately help you in achieving your goals in the long run. The developers of NutriGuide are probably well-aware of this fact as is evidenced by its stellar features.

The app has two distinct functionalities. The first is its built-in scanner, which allows you scan the barcodes of most food items in supermarkets to gain valuable nutritional insights (like ingredients, nutrition, etc.) about them. You can even type in the code yourself if ever you encounter difficulty in getting a specific code to be scanned. You will find that this function works extremely well with the app’s other main feature.

Although there’s arguably more to it than that, the second main features could be summed up as an allergy and diet tracker. This is because you would also be required to input important data regarding your overall health in the app in order for you to make the most of it. You can do this by clicking on the Profile tab and typing in information like your level of daily physical activity and your weight goals, besides fitness information like Gender, Height, Weight, Age, etc.

In the Personalize section, you will gain an overview of your current BMI and important figures like your daily calorie, carbohydrate, protein, and fat consumption. Of course, this is all based on the number of meals that you ate. You can choose to update this anytime. In the other windows, you can set the ingredients that you are allergic to and your dietary preference. With everything set, each time you have a food item scanned, the app will immediately warn you if, for instance, you are already going over your sugar limit for the day or if it contains an ingredient that you are allergic to.

Based on the facts stated above, NutriGuide is certainly a nutrition app for those who prefer to micromanage every aspect of their diet. It trumps other similar apps with the comprehensiveness of its features, the scale of which is arguably unmatched and unprecedented. This is why this app is certainly the one to get (available for both iOS and Android) if you really want to take full control of your diet and nutrition.

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