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Basic Accessory – Invisible screen shield skin for iPad:

To really protect your wonderful iPad for years to come, start from the basics. Its important to protect your iPad from wear and tear. Recently Zagg, has released one of the best protective invisible shield skins for iPads. The coating layer used in this invisible shield is also used as an outer coating layer for helicopter blades. If it works for the choppers, surely, it’s good enough for your iPad! It provides seamless protection to your iPad and it’s definitely the #1 basic must-have iPad accessories.

invisible screen shield

Stylish Accessory:

Just an “Apple” logo behind your ipad is not so stylish. You definitely need a flashy decorative skin case. This case has a Tree line patterned soft protective skin case which is also ultra thick & durable. It could protect your Apple iPad away from scratches and bumps and gives iPad a fashionable & attractive look. It’s made of tear-resistant durable silicone gel which makes it easy to slip on/off. It has a ground hold in the middle to cover the Apple logo and great stuff is that it provides easy access to all functions without even removing the case. Just for $ 6.99. Stylish, Hah!

decorative iPad case

Utile Accessory:

What If you are looking for video out of your iPod Touch /iPhone onto your iPad. Going for a Apple’s Dock connector would be the best move. iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter costs $29, which lets you output video—at 1024-by-768 resolution (using 720p scan rate)—from compatible apps from your other Apple handheld products like  Keynote, Safari, Videos, YouTube contents and pictures This custom Apple cable enables your iPad to be connected to a high resolution projector or LCD monitor at 1024×768 resolution. What else you need!

ipad dock connector

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