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Apple iPad is out in the wild, some own it and some waiting to get it on their hands. For those lucky owners of iPad here is a list of three must have accessories to spice up your magical device and probably you need these accessories for sure.

iPad Case

Apple iPad is expensive and a magical device. Its necessary to protect your iPad from getting damaged. So here comes iPad case from Apple, which actually protects your iPad from getting damaged. The iPad case is made up of soft microfiber interior and reinforced panels to give a perfect look to carry around your iPad. Wonder, this iPad case from Apple is not just a case, it can also be used as an iPad stand for ideal viewing of slideshows and movies. The iPad case is sold for $39 and its available on Apple store.

Price: $39

iPad carry case

iPad Camera Connection Kit

Want to connect your camera with your iPad? Well, here is the solution. Ipad camera connection kit provide two convenient ways to import snaps from your digital camera to the iPad. The photos can be imported either directly from a SD card or using camera’s USB cable. The connection kit includes two components SD card reader and a USB interface.

Price: $29

iPad camera connection kitApple Wireless Keyboard

Keyboards are always preferred to be comfortable while typing and now you can expect the same for iPad. Apple wireless keyboard lets you to type comfortable without wires. The keyboard uses bluetooth to connect with your iPad and lets you to type from any position. The price tag is quite expensive with $69, but its elegant and stylish design makes a worth of purchase.

Price: $69

iPad wireless keyboard

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