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Most parents want to ensure their children are using their tablets like iPad properly rather than for mere entertainment. Students also find their portable devices helpful in ordering their class files. Due to its popularity, education iPad apps like eddy is now available for those who want to use their devices for this purpose.


Developed by ExhibitView Solutions, LLC, eddy is a note-taking app that can be used in class and aids in organizing files and presentations. This app is like a one-app for organizing notes and jotting down vital details that will be useful for classes. The app also has numerous tools that make learning more convenient and enjoyable for students.

eddy for iPad

How It Works?

The app is simple to use. A student can load the program and start jotting down notes, assignments, projects and other reminders. It works like a binder system, which means a student will have a designated note for each class. Upon completion, the file will be saved and ready for access.

Included tools also make presentation planning easier for students. These features take students to the modern generation of education as students can brainstorm for presentation ideas and collaborate with groupmates who use the same app.

Eddy offers the following feature:

• Clean and Organized User Interface – Students will be free from distractions through its clean user face. The monochromatic theme will help students focus on their note-taking instead of having other colors that capture their attention.

• Intuitive Note-Taking Feature – Students can take notes easily with its user interface with included on-screen keyboard and formatting options.

• Multiple File Format Compatibility – The app can read different file formats used for note-taking, which makes users comfortable in utilizing the app.

• In-App Presentation Tools – The app comes with numerous tools that make it an ideal solution for brainstorming presentation ideas. These tools create interactive and appealing presentation and drafts with several taps.

Collaboration Tools – Update everyone in the group about the presentation with its easy collaboration tool.

Usability and Performance:

The app is lightweight, which implies responsive performance when used. It can also be useful for numerous activities aside from classes. Even employees can use this tool for note-taking in the office or while doing their leisure reading.

iPad eddy App


This app’s overall design is nothing fancy, which is beneficial in its own way. Its simple user interface means device resources will be used directly on the app’s function instead of allotting more on its user interface.

Overall, eddy is a remarkable education iPad app for student. Consider to include this iPad app in your device even if you are an employee to take advantage of its features.

Price: $4.99
Rating: 4/5

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