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Parents, if you have been searching for an app to couple math and technology to help your pre-school aged little one prepare for their formal education, then you will love GazziliMath! This app will only set you back $1.99 to give your the perfect platform to learn all the fundamental skills to prepare them for their lifelong journey of learning math.


GazziliMath introduces all the necessary skills they will need to become a math genius. They will learn basic numbers, counting, addition, and subtraction. Mastery of a skill is required before your kid can move to the next level of the game. This is a great way to ensure they truly understand a concept before introducing something new.

Your kids will not get frustrated with learning when they are learning with GazziliMath. All the concepts are taught to your kid in the most enjoyable, kid friendly version. They will be able to relate to the content being delivered. The amount of thought put into the app design is unmatched. The colors are great, the graphics are perfect, and your kid will enjoy learning math with the GazziliMath team.


Here are some additional features that make this app a true standout:

* Music, sounds, artwork, and amazing bright colors to keep your kid’s attention
* 6 highly engaging math activities to lay the foundation for learning math
* GazziliMath fun page accessible upon mastery of a concept
* The ability to adjust the app for kids who are hearing impaired
* Overall improvement of basic coordination and motor skills as kids use technology to learn

Parents like you are raving endlessly about this app. Here’s what they are saying:


* My kiddo started kindergarten ready to go because she played this app throughout the summer to reinforce learning!
* I love using this app as a fun way to revisit learned math basics.
* The colors are perfect, the music and characters are just what my little man needed to stay engaged.

Price: $1.99

Rating: 4/5

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