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Mandarin is undoubtedly one of the most difficult variations of the Chinese language to learn because it involves memorizing hundreds of Chinese characters. Well, with WenHu, while it still involves attention to detail and memory work, it would actually become more engaging because it teaches you the language with the help of games.

Majority of the game mechanics hinge on multiple choice types of games but there are numerous game modes to choose from, though. The word packs would be presented to you in a simpler form, particularly how each symbol is written. Each pack is based either on specific topics or usage. Not all word packs are available from the outset, so you would have to avail of word packs that are being offered either for free or for a price.

In one play through, you’d soon find out that the character would actually not be revealed to you as soon as a question pops up. This way, you would immediately be able to discern their separate components. They could also be presented into radicals, which serve to help you figure out the meaning of the word as well.

At present, there are 3 game modes available to the player. The first is Practice mode, and it’s basically designed to help improve your game play. This is preferred for beginners who want to learn how to master words and enhancing their memorization and reflexes at their own pace. Word Challenge mode, wherein you are challenged to make as much correct answers in a row, is the first competitive mode that you can try. Any wrong answer that you make would instantly end a game.

On the other hand, in Time Trial mode, you are required to make as many correct translations as you can; every answer that you get right adds to the total number of time left. However, if you answer wrongly, it would actually cause your limit to become shorter. A game ends once time expires.

The two latter modes are obviously the more challenging modes, and they really serve as good gauges of how fluent you already are of Mandarin. WenHu incorporates an achievement and global ranking system as well, which really serve as good testaments to the level of fluency you have already achieved and the overall progress of your education.

What definitely makes WenHu stand on its own is its entire approach to helping learners get a good grasp and fluency of Mandarin. Its multiple choice, timed games really serve to not only keep the user’s attention in learning but it also gives him the motivation to continue learning.

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