Home Accessories Ezzyl: The Cheapest iPad Stand At $5

We have written about many iPad accessory here, but nothing can be compared with Ezzyl in terms of its price. Ezzyl is a highly customizable iPad stand that can be used to place the iPad on both landscape and portrait mode and all these under a price tag of $4.95. Unbelievable? But its true. Ezzyl is made of corrugated plastic and its available in three different colors black, silver and white. Even still the Ezzyl iPad stand is inexpensive, this doesn’t mean its not safe enough to hold the iPad. This light weight stand is design to carefully hold the iPad with its two joints. The whole setup is flexible to adjust for portrait and landscape mode and it can be easily carried along with the iPad anywhere.

Ezzyl iPad stand

There is a good cause on buying this useful stand. From the $5 cost $1 will be send to one of the top charities in the world. Why don’t you give a try for this creative iPad stand through which you are offering some money for the charities?

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