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Many bought iPad to be used as their personal computer and if we say there is something lack from traditional personal computer, I won’t agree. The reason iPad has very good collection of accessories that gives a personal computing experience. A week back we had written about some cool accessories that includes bluetooth keyboard and today we are reviewing another bluetooth keyboard, which is really cool. So, here comes Freedom Pro bluetooth keyboard.

Freedom pro keyboard

Until now we had seen keyboards with fixed structure for iPad, but Freedom Pro is little different from other. The keyboard can be folded and kept inside leather carry case, which comes with the purchase of keyboard. The device has five rows of keys similar to our laptop keyboard with volume and media player control.

Even though its a great build keyboard, certain functions are not supported for iPad like mail, Internet key won’t work. Anyways its a good engineering to fold the keyboard and you can use it for any bluetooth enabled device.

Freedom pro keyboard for iPad

Cost: $89.99

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