Home Accessories iPad Survives a 100,000 feet fall

G-Form, a company that makes protective cases for iPads has released a jaw-dropping video to demonstrate the quality of their product.

The iPad was carried up by weather balloon into the earth’s stratosphere, where the balloon was popped to allow its payload tumble back to earth. As one could expect the iPad survived the 100,000 feet fall, thanks to the protective case. This whole episode was shot by G-form technicians somewhere close to the famous Area 51 military base.

“As far as we know, this is the first iPad ever in space,” said Thom Cafaro, G-Form’s VP of innovations. “And definitely it’s the first iPad that’s ever free-fallen from space and survived to play more movies. We are usually known for making the most protective gear on the planet…so we decided why not raise the bar to off the planet too.”

Apart from the iPad, GoPro, the camera that recorded the whole thing also survived this fall.

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