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Clamcase transforms iPad to netbook

Would you agree if someone calls iPad a netbook, probably we won’t. But ClamCase an accessory for iPad that transform your iPad into a Netbook, not exactly. Since we know iPad has bluetooth support for keyboard, its quite expected that stuff like this would emerge and now we had seen a product that transforms iPad into a netbook. The ClamCase uses HID bluetooth functions to connect to the iPad and this can also be used to connect other devices that are compatible with HID bluetooth devices such as TIVO, Sony Playstation and some other HID compatible device. The ClamCase has 360 swivel technology and also a flip flop keyboard to use iPad as a tablet PC. So, the rise of accessories like Clamcase will give rise to even more cool accessories to spice up your iPad.

The price of this accessory is unknown, as there is no such information on the manufacturer website.

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