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Apple’s iDevices has to be handled with care and it implies to all iDevices. Since many are going craze on iPad, it is essential to protect their iPad from getting scratched. I had seen many scratch guard for iPad, but most of them doesn’t protect you from scratch. So how to protect your iPad from hard scratches? Zagg the makers of military applications to protect military has now come up with an invisible shield to completely protect both the sides of your iPad from scratches.

Invisible shield for iPad

The Invisible Shield uses military grade patented material and unique properties for self healing qualities. The quality of the shield is really impressive, more than trusting my words, have a look at this video

Zagg offers a lifetime replacement warranty for the life of the device and if you are not satisfied with the product you get the money back within 45 days from purchase. For more information visit Zagg website.

Cost for full body coverage: $39.99

Cost for Front or Back coverage:

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