Home Accessories Transform Your iPad Into A Tablet Using Mi-Stylus


Apple’s iDevices are not designed to be used with a stylus, but now its possible with Mi-Stylus a stylus that works on all iDevices. Stylus is more helpful for iPad, which fails to writing notes and doodle. Most of the stylus available in the market are not supported by iDevices, because of the nature of screen’s response.

Mi-Stylus turns iPad into a tablet

So how does Mi-Stylus differ from other stylus? Unlike other stylus, My-Stylus uses a special impregnated tip that replicates the physics of the human finger. The stylus also ensure greater level of accuracy without leaving any fingerprints on you iPad screen. The cost of the stylus is just $7 a pretty reasonable price for a device that transforms iPad into tablet.

Mi-stylus transform you iPad into a tablet

So may be in sometime, we can expect handwritten recognition apps for iPad. For more information visit Milano’s website.

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