Home Accessories Why spend more on iPad stands?

Why spend more, when you can buy cheap iPad-friendly stands under $0.99? we browsed over Internet and found some really artistic , utile and topping some cheapest iPad stands under $0.99. Those not just stands, they are really killer stand.

While the money-hungry iPad accessory makers are marketing their $130 iPad stand, these stands, does not need the kind of marketing. These would literally make every other official stands, moot. The store managers claim a better sale than some of the other official iPad accessories. What you see below is a simple iPad compatible clamp-model iPad study stand, which is weightless but offers a good support for your iPad.

iPad stand

And another is a Staples “Study Stand” which is built from chrome. The study stand provides both excellent portrait and landscape presentation and topping out all, it’s user-friendly. Occupies a minimum of desk space and it’s the exact replacement for your MacBook . Here is great news, the stand folds. Although the holder tips remain slightly extended from the base, the rest of the stand flattens out and makes the entire package very backpack friendly.

iPad stand1

iPad stands just need to be user-friendly, It doesn’t have to be iPad-ready.

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