Home News “Get In Line For The iPad 2”, Says Apple to its Customers

“Be the first to get the next iPad. This Friday, March 11, at 5:00 p.m.” is what is written in the mail to Apple’s customers. The best place to experience iPad is at the Apple Retail Store, “ At the store?” you may ask. The answers is “Yes”, Apple is not only not taking pre-orders for the iPad 2, but also mailing customers, that if they want an iPad 2 at launch, they need to get in line at their local Apple Store. They even add – “Our Specialists will show you around the features, help you choose the perfect model and set everything up just the way you like. So you’ll be up and running before you leave the store.”
It’s very clear that customers are going to go through a lot to get an ipad 2 some would just have to hope that they would get one by trying their luck by swinging  by their local Targets like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Verizon,  AT&T  stores coming back home from work. Or another way would be set your alarm for 12AM PT / 3AM ET and order it off of Apple’s site with overnight shipping which would be as ridiculous as it sounds.You also need not go over board and start camping out of the stores, though. Probably you could give it more thought and see what works for you the best. Good Luck with that !!!!!!

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