Home News 2.6M iPad 2’s Shipped In March

Apple has shipped around 2.6 million iPads during the month of March, according to DigiTimes. Another source reports that shipments are likely to double in the second quarter.

Sales of iPad 2 are running at a rate faster than its predecessor, and Apple took delivery of 2.4-2.6 million units in March. Apple is likely to take delivery of 4-4.3 million units a month, or a total of over 12 million units, of iPad 2 tablets in the second quarter, said the sources.

On a monthly basis around 4 million units of iPad 2 will be sold to customers. This is a “happy figure” for Apple when compared to its first generation iPad sales that took nine long months to sell 15 million units. When comparing this number to what was considered to be iPad 2’s competition, Motorola Xoom, Apple has got nothing to worry about. Motorola has sold just 100,000 units of its tablet according to a Deutsche Bank evaluation, after they had a look into Android developer website to check the number of Honey Comb users.

Apple’s iPad 2 began selling like pancakes on the first weekend it was available. It is also said that the total sales is over 20 million at this point and we believe that. Apple requires a steady inflow of components that is needed to   manufacture this cool device. Most of the parts come from Japan and with the country in a predicament, one can easily assume that components like NAND flash and the A5 processors are critical elements to keep the iPads coming without any stop over.  But Digitimes says that adequate amount of cover lenses for touch panel modules are needed the most in order to keep them coming into the market.

The component suppliers are busting a gut to meet iPad 2 demands. Owing to iPad 2’s success at the market several companies like TPK Touch Solutions, G-Tech Optoelectronics, HannStar Display, Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT), Wintek and other touch panel makers are seeking to spread out their business.

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