Home News A Chinese Creates Windows iPad

An enterprising Chinese man has come up with a solution for people, who want to run Windows in the iPad.

China is the world largest internet market with 457 million online users. iPhones and iPads are hugely popular there and launch of new models has triggered crimes sometimes. In a video posted in YouKu, a Chinese named Liu Xinying assembles an iPad look-a-like from scratch using computer parts.

This functional tablet computer called DIY iPad 3 looks like a thick iPad, but runs on Windows. This 21-year-old IT whizz said, “It cost me 2,000 yuan ($309) to make it, so I guess that’s how much it’s worth.” At present the cheapest iPad sells for 3,688 yuan in China, while the expensive one costs 5,288 yuan.

Liu, who works at a computer store in Jinan city, did this feat just for fun, but he has been receiving request from many people to make them a DIY iPad.

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