Home News Amazon to Release iPad Rival in October

Amazon is all set to release a tablet computer by October, that is seen as iPad rival.

Amazon is considered as a top competitor for the iPad, when it comes to digital book, digital music and mobile applications. Now it has decided to battle it out with Apple in the tablet market too. Amazon’s new tablet will run Android and won’t have a camera like iPad. Customers can use this tablet to buy and rent content from Amazon’s website.


According to experts Amazon tablet is going to be the real competitor for the iPad as it can sell the tablet for a cheaper price and compensate it with the sales of movies, music and books. But still it won’t be easy for Amazon to beat Cupertino tech giant, as it had sold almost 20 million iPads in one year.

Amazon is already engaged in a bitter confrontation with Apple for the trademark of the term, “App Store”. Now this new tablet is expected to add insult to the injury of Apple.

Let us wait till October to find out whether users can find a cheaper alternative for the iPad from Amazon.

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