Home News Apple Considering New Supplier For iPad 2’s LED Backlight

Commercial Times newspaper reports that Apple is looking into new avenues to add an additional supplier to their iPad making process. The potential supplier Everlight, a Taiwanese company that was started in 1983 specializes in manufacturing LED- based products. They are seeking to join Apple’s supplier list with their LED backlights with a brightness of 2,000 millicandelas (mcd). Recent reports state that iPad 2’s production might reach 45 million in 2011. Everlight is waiting for Apple’s approval of its product.  If Everlight has what it takes to get Apple’s certification then this could be a major money-spinning project for the company.

The company has been manufacturing these types of bright LED displays since March 2011 for tablet PC manufacturers. Some users reported “back light bleeding” issues on iPad 2 after its arrival in the US. But such defects did not seem to affect iPad 2’s sales. If Apple gives the nod for this LED light then future buyers of iPad 2’s can expect this as a part of the device. Apple has struggled to meet the demands of its new generation iPad and adding one more supplier will meet those skyrocketing demands and make its latest product even better. After all, there is always room for improvement!

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