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According to a recent survey of US tablet owners, a whopping 82% have Apple’s iPad. This survey was conducted by Nielsen company during spring 2011 and they have come with a well known fact that Apple is ruling the tablet market, owning 82% share.

With new entrants like the Samsung Galaxy and the Motorola Xoom, the market for tablet computers is heating up in the United States, even though iPad continues to dominate the conversation – and market.

A total of 43% who balloted said that they own the 3G iPad and 39% said they own the Wi-Fi only model. The next closest contestant on the list was the Samsung Galaxy Tab which had 4% users and it was followed by Dell Streak with 3%.What was once thought to be the tough competitor for Apple, the Motorola Xoom  accounted for  2% of those polled. The survey also reports that about 43% share their devices with someone else while only around half of all the tablet owners are the sole users of their tablet in their homes and 8% said that they own a tablet that is used by other members in the house.

27% of people who own eReaders said that they do not use the device often. One-in four tablet owners said that they own portable game consoles, but since the arrival of tablet, they have lost interest in using game consoles.

Previous Nielsen surveys found that women chose Apple’s iPhone, while men preferred Google Android handset as their next smartphone. Last June Nielsen Company discovered that, compared to other smartphone users, iPhone owners are the ones who download the most number of applications.

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