Home News Apple Is Expected To Release iOS 4.3.1 Security Update

Apple always seems to be coming up with something or the other to delight its users . This time it is a minor update iOS 4.3.1 that Apple might release in a few weeks for its mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad to take care of bugs and patch security holes.


iOS 4.3.1 is expected to fix technical flaws which makes hackers to jailbreak the newly released iPad 2. It is also said to include baseband updates for the iPhone 3GS and original iPad with 3G.  An issue with the iOS Springboard and third-party applications not being able to recognize the gyroscope on the iPad 2 will also be fixed.In addition to this, memory corruption that occurs when the processor reads large files from a Universal SIM file system and an unspecified problem with NTLM authentication is also going to be resolved with this update.

A few days after the release of iPad 2 on March 11, a hacker named Comex made it clear that he had jailbroken the device. Moreover at the CanSecWest hacking contest, researchers Charlie Miller and Dion Blazakis reportedly demonstrated that they can manipulate Apple’s Safari browser on an iPhone and showed them how they did it,as per the rules.

Apple released iOS 4.3 was released just two days before the launch of iPad 2 and it is available from the App store on iTunes. The update will give the users the option of choosing which function they prefer for the mechanical side switch, as a mute button or to lock the screen rotation.

Will the  CDMA version of the iPhone introduced by Verizon receive an update? That is still uncertain. Google is very much concerned about security issues and is deeply investing in it. When users find a defect with any of Google’s products there is a good chance they might make some quick bucks if they report it to the company. The extent to which Google goes to solve security issues  and the fact that no one was able to hack its chrome browser at the same contest where Apple was whitewashed has made Apple release an update.

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