Home News Apple Planning for 7 Inch Tablet?

It seems like that there is going to be no end for iPad rumors. Now we can believe that iPad 2 is going to have NFC (Near Field Communication) and RFID (Radio Frequency ID). But the recent rumors claimed that iPad 2 will have a carbon body instead of aluminum body. If it is true, it will make iPad really lighter. But the cost will go up.
The latest rumor about iPad says that it is going to have a 7 inch model. But this one is really hard to believe. Because, Steve Jobs lambasted that 7 inch models can’t be accepted as tablets. He told that 10 inch is a minimum acceptable size for a tablet. But they still maintain that Apple is working on 7 inch tablet. Tablet fans may have noted the fact that the length of Galaxy Tab is 7.48 inches.

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