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We can find only few people outside Apple outlets waiting for iPad 2. But it can’t be taken as the portrayal of customer demand.

iPad 2 will hit the stores on Friday. We have already reported the first tent for iPad. But now it is really surprising to see only few people outside the Apple outlets waiting for iPad 2. But don’t get deceived. When compared to original iPads, this time Apple has increased the distribution points ten times. Now it is 10,000 distribution points, compared to 1,100 retail stores in 2010. So this move could really boost the sales.

Original iPad Launch

Original iPad Launch

Because you can’t really expect all the people outside the store would come out with the gadget. During 2010, there were 730 people crowded outside the Apple’s 5th Avenue store. But only 3,00,000 units were sold on the first day. Original iPad took 28 days to reach 1 million units sold mark. This time analysts expect iPad to break this record. Let us wait for the performance of iPad 2.

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