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Apple has released a brand new television commercial for iPad 2 which started running on Tuesday night. The thirty second commercial is amazing with a mild music playing in the background. The video jumps from  person to person owning iPads ranging from a parent to a CEO relating them with specific apps, while the narrator says what these owners would think about the device.

“If you ask a parent, they might call it intuitive. If you ask a musician, they might call it inspiring. To a doctor, it’s groundbreaking. To a CEO, it’s powerful. To a teacher, it’s the future. If you ask a child, she might call it magic. And if you asked us, we’d say it’s just getting started”.

Watch it for yourselves.

Apple’s marketing campaign follows a different strategy where instead of focusing only on just selling these devices to the customers, these commercials mildly touches the part where an iPad 2 will make our life a lot more simpler.

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