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Boto the Pink Dolphin 2 is the sequel of an education app for kids made by the Child Creativity Institute. The app is like a cartoonish e-book and a game. It is based on the fact that the fastest way of learning for children is through images and sounds. Just like the previous title, this one has funny characters and an interesting story. Children can listen to the story and then become part of it. The abilities that kids can improve are creative learning and recognition.

BOTO the Pink Dolphin for iPad

The theme of the application is the adventures of dolphins the sea. Three languages are available: English, Japanese and Korean. Actors have been used for narration in all three languages, as this can help children to learn foreign languages. The performance of children can be evaluated through a feedback system that parents can use. While the first version of the game has six stages, the sequel is called “Shark, the Pirate and the Crystal” and it also has six stages:

1. Recognition of silhouettes and outlines. Two characteristics of kids are improved: imagination and perception.
2. Puzzle for helping kids understand shapes, piece locations and figures. It also helps them with their spatial perception.
3. Intuition development by comparing body parts of ghost wales. This also involves color and shape identification
4. Attention improvement by responding to various stimuli.
5. Logic and focus enhancement with a paper-and-scissors game.
6. Stimulation of creativity through drawing figures and lines.

The recognition ability and the learning capabilities are encouraged in each of the stages. Once every stages finishes, parents can receive a report about the grades that their children have obtained. In the first app, children have to locate the mysterious fruit, then fit puzzles, find hidden friends, determine the correct color for pebbles and take a picture of Pink Dolphin. In Boto the Pink Dolphin 2 players will have to find the place where the silhouettes of Boto and his friends are, make the puzzle of a broken castle gate, cross the lava hill until time is up and win battles against the shark and the pirates.

iPad BOTO the Pink Dolphin

Boto the Pink Dolphin 2 is an app that any child and parents could benefit from. Starting with the first version of the series and finishing with the sequel, children will learn a lot from using this awesome application. It can increase the IQ of kids and can contribute to their education. The application works on iPad and iPhone, but also on Android devices.

Price: $0.99
Rating: 4.5/5

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