Home News Consumers to Believe Apple Even Without Jobs

A recent survey found Apple to continue its dominance, even without Steve Jobs.

RBC Capital Markets and ChangeWave conducted a survey about Apple. This survey was conducted over a period of time and put forward some hypothetical questions before the surveyed. 93 percent of respondents said that, they won’t change their purchasing decision, even if Jobs were not in the Apple.
But in 2008, a previous survey found 18 percent of respondents saying that they would be less likely to buy Apple products, without Jobs as the CEO of the company (please look at the table). Things have changed much after that.

When the last time Jobs took medical leave, Apple’s stock rose 144 percent, revenue increased by 20 percent and the company shipped 25 million iPhones. Thanks to  Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook, who managed to steer the company in the right path without Jobs in 2009. It has now become clear that Apple is bigger than its CEO.

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