Home News Coretronic Might Provide LED Backlight For iPad 2

Apple is planning to add yet another supplier to its list. This time the winner could be Coretronic expected to supply Apple iPad’s LED flashlight. According to industry sources, Coretronic seems to have snatched the iPad backlight module deal.  Coretronic , a Taiwan based company  is the producer of LED lights which finds its use in many products including LED TVs.

Coretronic has been working with Chimei Innolux to provide backlight modules for iPad panels. However, Chimei was only certified by Apple in May, hence backlight units for 9.7-inch panels for iPad have been shipping to South Korea-based LG Display.

Guess Apple is taking steps to put a full stop to all those issues about display problems, some early iPad 2 users were complaining about. At present Apple gets its iPad display modules from Radiant which is also the supplier of LED backlight units to Samsung electronics and LG display. The commercial Times newspaper, last month stated that Apple was planning to use LED backlights from Everlight. It also reported that the company has sent its LED backlights to Apple for its verification and approval.  Apple already has a practice of getting parts from various component manufacturers. It follows this strategy to avoid being dependent on one single source for its modules. Apple is seriously considering enhancing the production quality of iPad 2 and rectifying the backlight bleeding problems reported by users.

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