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Customers all over the world waited with great excitement for the release of the iPad 2, only to meet with the disappointment of the defects in the device. Several hardware issues are seen in the  newest iPad 2 and they were pointed out by the many customers of Apple who have purchased the device. Many exclaim that this is not new to Apple with the release of many such products like these over the recent years.


Several users have complained that the device’s backlight is ‘leaking’ into the device’s display from some parts of the LCD screens. This is not very conspicuous when the iPad is used in the light, its much more observable when used in the dark when users watch a movie or use apps that have a black background.

The very observant Apple users make sure they look into the device right form top to bottom not leaving even a single inch out of their sight , they discover yet another defect, the appearance of  yellow tints or discoloration on some areas of the screen. This isn’t new for them though as this was already reported by users of Apple’s iPhone 4 once before. However the problem was rectified by itself said Mac Rumors.

The explanation given by Apple for the cause of this discoloration was that they used a certain glue or bonding agent to glue together the layers of the glass called Organofunctional Silane Z-6011 and as they were in a hurry to manufacture and ship out the product, the glue didn’t have its chance to dry off before it got into the hands of the customers, not to worry the problem would fade away they say.

As everyone look to Apple for answers, Apple seems to shy away like a child, yet to reply to the  reports popping up all over the web.

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