Home News G-Form’s 12 lb Bowling Ball Experiment Keeps iPad Screen Intact

G-Form has introduced a new iPad sleeve called iPad Extreme Sleeve™ to protect iPad and iPad 2 from impact. To prove its use they dropped an 8 lb bowling ball a few days back from 3 feet on the iPad 1 covered in its neoteric sleeve. To everyone’s surprise the glass remained intact.  Now they have taken this experiment to another level by conducting the same experiment, but this time with a 12 lb bowling ball! On comparing their results with a hard case manufactured by one of its competitors they found out once again that their product is unbelievably good!

G-Form iPad Extreme Sleeve™ protects your iPad or iPad2 from impact by utilizing RPT-Reactive Protection Technology. The Extreme Sleeve™ is water-resistant, soft, flexible, and lightweight and changes its molecular structure on impact. This super efficient product will be  available in G-Form’s website from May 1 for  $59.95

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