Home News G-Form’s Experiment With iPad At 500ft

The guys at G-form have done it again! These folks go to any extreme to prove their point and protect your iPad from damage. Few days back they  dropped a 12-pound bowling ball from 3 feet on an iPad. Now they have raised the bar and have challenged themselves by dropping an iPad from an ultra light aircraft, 500ft from ground level. What did they find out? Not even a single scratch on the iPad! Some guys get a little crazy and go to any level to advertise their product. But I have to say, I am very impressed with the show as well as their product. It truly is a robusto producto! Watch it for yourselves.

If you still need more evidence, you might have to wait for their next wild act. Who knows? Next time it could be an iPad falling out of the sky from 30,000 feet!

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