Home News Hearst’s iPad Subscription Deal With Apple

After months of talks and discussions, Apple has convinced Hearst, the publisher to sell subscriptions to their iPad magazine through iTunes, according to Wall Street Journal. The same publisher is also planning to sell newspaper apps and other content through in-app subscriptions.

Starting with their July issues, iPad apps for Esquire, Popular Mechanics and O, The Oprah Magazine, will be available through a service from Apple that allows customers to sign up for subscriptions inside the apps and get billed automatically. Subscriptions to all three publications will be sold for $1.99 a month or $19.99 a year.

Now the only odd one out is Condé Nast, the only major publication that is still hesitating to join the club. But it cannot take forever. Eventually it is going to take part in Apple’s iOS subscription service. Just last week Time Inc. and Apple reached a deal where Apple agreed to print subscribers using the iPad version at no additional cost. Various publishers were upset with Apple’s subscription plan because it collects 30% of the income just like it charges for its other App Store sales.

But what annoyed the publishers the most is that Apple does not permit the publishers to have access to the subscribers personal information for future advertising and marketing. Apple’s subscription rules also states that the prices of subscriptions sold should be in sync with the cost quoted in their website. In addition to this, links to any other external subscription offers should not be provided anywhere on the digital version. Apple really runs a tight ship!

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