Home News HP Unveiled TouchPad to Rival iPad

HP officially introduced its iPad rival TouchPad on February 9 at the Think Beyond event in San Francisco U.S.

This new tablet computer resembles iPad in its configuration. It is 9.45 inches wide, 7.48 inches tall, 0.54 inches thick; weights about 1.6 pounds and the screen resolution is 1024×768. iPad has the same features. But in addition to it, TouchPad has a front facing digital camera in it. This camera feature is expected to come with iPad 2.

The thing that really makes TouchPad inferior to iPad is the OS. TouchPad runs HP webOS 3.0. Amazon Kindle and Angry Birds may get into this TouchPad. According to experts most of the leading developers would not come forward to work for TouchPad, at least for the next few years. Let us see whether TouchPad can really challenge iPad.

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