Home News Instant Preview From Google Comes to iOS

Google comes up with yet another feature, helping iOS users to instantly preview sites on their iPads and iPhones rather than going back and forth. It seems that the new feature brought about  supports 38 different languages, letting users preview a website before making the decision to click on a link.

The procedure is very simple making everything seem so easy, just a click of a magnifying glass icon next to a search result, users will be able to view the websites that appear on the first page of results. After deciding on the one you would like to view, tapping the page preview will open up the respective link. Looking at how users view it, they say that Google’s mobile implementation of Instant Previews is elegant  makes their work quite quick on their iPhone.

How useful is this really going to be is the question asked by many, people say – “thinking about the overall utility for this type of feature, the best occasions on which users would find this to be of good  use is when they have limited bandwidth.” When pondering on that we come to another situation, how useful this feature going to  be especially for most users who are on the go? For most users while googling on the go, they are likely to visit a page, wait a few seconds and then return to search results if the page isn’t what they are looking for. This plainly means that it can take more time to browse through the instant preview options than it takes to just visit a few pages. But for some who are wondering if the option only fits to iOS and wondering if its also available on Android, the answer is yes.

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