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After a lot of scrutiny by its buyers, Apple’s new iPad 2 has come out with flying colors. The whole bunch of improvements had made iPad 2 look very impressive.  The no.1 feature that comes to mind is its size; a whole lot thinner than the first generation iPad which gives a sense of comfort while holding it as well as sitting on a flat surface. The trimmed down weight definitely makes a big difference. It is thinner than the iPhone 4 and 15% lighter. The new iPad had a VGA front facing camera and one at the back. The battery life remains the same 10 hours. It has a 9.7 display, no big changes there. The new processor is called the Apple A5 and is based on ARM’s Cortex-A9 design. The graphics is stunning. It is 9 times better than current iPad and the speed is faster.
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The latest version of iOS ships with the iPad and will be available for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch on 11 March. The integration of hardware and software contributes to the awesomeness of the new iPad. For instance, the piano in Garageband. It is totally cool. The musicians are going to love that! iPad 2’s screen is touch sensitive, credit goes to the built-in accelerometer which tells the iPad how hard you are touching the screen. You might have to spend an extra $39 for the HDMI cable but you can connect your iPad to the TV and charge it at the same time. The iPad 2 also features HSUPA support. That means faster uploads over 3G. It’s only available on the iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G. iPad 2 doesn’t have the much expected retina display. Hi-res fans are a little disappointed with that.  Overall the iPad 2  is awesome. It was worth the wait!

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