Home News iPad 2 cheapest in the U.S.

Now that the iPad 2 has been launched in atleast 25 countries, we now know that the iPad is cheapest only in America and atleast $200 more in the other countries.

The 16 GB model of the iPad 2 starts at $499 in the United States and inclusive of taxes it works up to $547, when compared to the ones sold in Europe that are sold at 479 euros, when changed to dollars works up to $678 being a $100 and change more than the ones in Europe.

In Britain the iPad was sold at a starting price of 399 pounds that converts to $642, being a little cheaper in Britain than in Denmark where it works up to $702 which is about $200 cheaper in the U.S. before the inclusion of taxes.

But the situation in the west seems to be a lot better for them when compared to those in the Asian countries who pay for the iPad 2 in thousands of dollars.

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