Home News iPad 2 Dock Tear Down Reveals Secret For Its Weight

They just don’t stop with the stripping of iPads. Now the service has been extended to iPad docks too! iLounge recently tore down the iPad 2 dock to find out why it weighs so much than iPad 1’s dock and they have come up with an answer. The metal plate has some extra weight to hold the accessory  tightly in place.

First, if you’ve ever wondered how Apple gets those docks to feel substantial, the answer’s not tiny sandbags. Each version of the Dock actually has a huge, heavy metal plate inside molded with a “Zinc-3” legend on its undercarriage. These plates actually jut up to form the reclining mini-walls found behind the iPads, which is to say that Apple’s Docks are far sturdier than their pretty little glossy white plastic exteriors would suggest.

From their findings it has been  revealed that  each part of the dock has a large, heavy metal plate to make the whole accessory robust. Considering iPad 1 was a little heavier than iPad 2 and iPad 1’s dock being lighter than its successor guess Apple  now follows a pattern of , “lighter the iPad heavier the Dock” !

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