Home News iPad 2 Gets Clearance In China

According to a report from the Global times, iPad 2  has received  a green signal for its sale in China. The new generation iPad was already being sold by black marketeers. Now it has officially received an approval to be sold legally in the country. According to Global Times,

Apple’s iPad 2 was awarded China Compulsory Certification (3C) on April 8, a compulsory license for products being sold on the Chinese mainland. The product obtained the license after passing a series of tests. It has a validity of five years, expiring on April 8, 2016.Since May 1, 2002, China has required 132 types of product to receive the certification before they can be sold in the country. This move signals that the iPad 2 is set to make its official entry in the Chinese mainland market soon.

This step indicates that iPad 2 is ready to make an appearance in the Chinese market. Experts and Apple enthusiast predict iPad 2 sales might begin in Beijing and Shanghai in a month’s time. Luckily for Apple getting an approval for iPad 2 did not take much longer unlike its iPad 3G model which took more than 8 long months after its release in the US. Taking iPad 2’s popularity and demand into account Apple is in full speed to start its journey into the Chinese market which is expected to account  for  10 percent of Apple’s revenues within 5 years.

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