Home News iPad 2 Global Supply Shortages, Korean Telcos Stops Sale

Apple is definitely testing everyone’s patience, in Asia! This time South Korea and Singapore are facing iPad 2 shortages. Just days after iPad 2’s arrival into these countries this strange thing has happened. According to Reuters, SK Telecom and KT Corp, top South Korea telcos have halted online iPad 2 sales Tuesday. A notice on SK Telecom’s site read,

Our iPad 2 inventory has been depleted and we apologize for failing to provide enough supplies due to the product’s global supply shortages.

The Online Apple store in Singapore has also halted shipping all WiFi and cellular iPad 2 models. Is Apple still facing supply related Problems? Is it really hard for Apple to understand that when it comes to buying their cool products, the customer demands always outruns the supply?

iPad 2 hit the stores in 13 countries last week, expanding its market into Asia. The tech Giant sold 4.9 million iPads in the March quarter which was below the predicted figure of 6-7 million by Wall Street analysts. When comparing it to the December Quarter, it was a significant drop. Later analysts explained that this drop could be due to iPad 1 shortage and delay in iPad 2 production. Since the second generation device has gone global now, Apple could be facing a much bigger problem with supply delays. Apple might not be putting South Korea’s name on the top of their iPad shipping list since this country is not one of Apple’s profitable territorio! Apple better do something fast and get these people what they want if they do not want a bunch of grown-up kids pounding on their door.

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